Rules & Regulations


image not found Every student must carry this Almanac to school every day and use it productively.

Non-bus commuters must arrive 10 minutes before the school starts.

Uniform is compulsory during school hours and for all school functions including as such instances where students are representing the school outside.

Uniform must always be neat and clean. I-Card is a part of the uniform and must be worn at all times.

Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals and ensure that it remains combed and tidy.

Bullying and the use of foul language are punishable offences, whether in or out of school. Students found using the same will be expelled.

Students are not allowed to bring any weapons or sharp instruments, such as blades, knives, paper scalpels, scissors etc. to school.

Damaging or disfiguring any school property may result in expulsion from school.

Students are prohibited from bringing any publication, reference books. CD or other storage devices life floppies, pen drives or I-pods, not relevant to academic pursuits.

Bringing money to school is not allowed.

Bringing money phones, cameras, expensive pens, pencils, pencil box, etc. to school is strictly forbidden.

In the interest of their own security, students are advised not to buy or receive any articles, gifts or foodstuffs from anyone at all enroute.

Celebrating festivals with crackers and colours in school or in school bus is prohibited.

It is mandatory for all students, unless instructed otherwise to be present for festivals and functions celebrated in and outside the school.

The school is committed to protect the environment and expects its students to be environment friendly in all their actions. The use of polybags (Plastic bags) is therefore, strictly prohibited in the school and students sould consciously avoid their use for any purpose.

Students are not allowed to celebrate their birthday or any other occasion in school with cake, snacks and cold drinks.

Girls are not allowed to apply henna on their hands. They are not allowed to wear fashionable earrings or any rings. However, one pair of small ear studs is permitted.

Students are not allowed to report to school with religious threads had on their wrists. They shall not wear any bracelet.

Girls with long hair must plait their hair. Hair-band is a part of uniform and must be worn by all girl students in school campus, inside bus and outside school campus while representing school.

Colouring or bleaching of hair is not permitted.

Students from class IV onwards are permitted to wear watches.

No student has the permission to commute to school on self-driven two or four wheelers.

The school reserves the right to terminate the continuance of students with unsatisfactory progress in studies or whose conduct is a bad example for other.


90% Attendance is compulsory for all assessments held during the year failing which the student will be given a zero. Consideration what so ever will be only on genuine medical grounds that too at the sole discretion of the principal. There is no provision of appearing in FA and then leave the school for home on medical/personal grounds. Taking the Child back home after assessments will result in a zero for that subject.

There is no proision for reassessing students, who remain absent on the day of the assessment, or those who have failed in one or more subjects, Request for change in assessment dates or timings will not be entertained.

Students reporting late for assessment will not be given any extra time for answering the question papers.

Unfair Means : Students found using any unfair means during any of the assessment will be given a zero in that subject. Parents and the concerned student will be summoned and asked to provide an explanation. A repeat of such an action in future will result in the prompt issue of a Transfer Certificate, without notice.

The answer scripts will be shown to students after evaluation. Requests for the issue of Progress Report before the declaration of results will not be entertained.

A duplicate of Report Card (if lost/damaged) shall be issued on a payment of Rs.100/-.

Promotion Criteria (Classes I-Xl).

Attendance less than 90% and not able to cope up with the syllabus resulting in low grades in assessments of a particular class in a session may result in detention in the same class, after mutual consent of parents ande school authorities.

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